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SANEP Market is a commercial division of SANEP that is mainly interested in business activities in the area of market research.

In the area of our activities we provide standard methodology of research and researches especially targetting on knowledge and on the situation of a given brand, price politics, social level, advertising and other marketing areas. Thanks to our extraordinary respondent panel Sanep.cz that has in total more than 200, 000 regular respondents we are able to give immediate data from any social group, age group and region area. Used methodology is based upon latest and most effective known method and procedure, that gives to our client most complex file data in given domain and for given research intension.

Latest and own methodological procedures of SANEP enable to work within the area of commercial research. SANEP Market can provide extensive investigation in the most extensive research application, all this in the area of exploration of public opinions using voting system of SANEP that is capable to provide in the region of Czech Republic. Our main research strategy is quantitative and qualitative approach. For getting more precise and relevant answers we then apply mixed research that is a combination of quantitative and qualitative approach.

For high accuracy and verifycation of acquired data we use so called data triangulation method, that eliminates possible anomaly of studied questioned group and totally maintains acquisition of highly accurate data.
According to interest and needs of our client it is possible to enter and process not only a quick research, but to implement even longterm research intentions. Matter of course is then individual program processing of a given task of every client.

The analytical support of commertcial division of SANEP Market with the combination of outstanding internet questionnaire panel system is able to professionally process and evaluate specified task, for example in the section of health, entirely area of industry, commercials in media and communication, and etc. According to specified product SANEP Market can provide complete information for selling and distribution to market area.

An exceptional respondent group and after that mainly the ability of our fast processing. Unlimited amount of data presents for a client possibility to get immediate data of existing behaviour of sales marketplace, behaviour and reaction of a consumer, etc.

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