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In the area of analytical group of SANEP you may also find another division that is called SANEP Social. This division has its own applied social researches, whose main category is created by quantitative and qualitative research strategies. Prime task of SANEP Social is regular short term and average term research of moods, feelings and wishes of large number of public in studied areas and their dependents on appropriate phenomena and processes. SANEP Social also provides qualified analysis and political analysis.

Our main research strategy is to use quantitative and qualitative methods for achieving more reliable and even more relevant answers. We then apply miscellaneous researches that are the combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods.

For most accurate verification of earned data we use so called data triangulation method. This is giving us the possibility to eliminate all anomaly of studied group of respondents and most of all unables to obtain highly accurate statements.

Triangulation method and verification of answers is possible in the area of a unique internet voting system of SANEP and in its enormous panel with more than 200, 000 registered respondents. This large number of questioned network unables SANEP to combine various methodological  methods and apply them in its already own unique methodics. Its development unables just utterly exceptional internet virtual network space.

Next to investigations carried out in advance with defined group of respondents, we also perform investigations made on representative sample of inhabitants. With its composition it is corresponding with using a table of studies (eg. education, age, marrital status, amount of income, sex, location), together with details of Czech Statistical Office about the structure of inhabitants in Czech Republic. Research done on representative sample of inhabitants is allowing, also thanks to extraordinary panel of registered members, that with its composition covers societal spectrum of inhabitants in Czech Republic in the given age category.

Regular researches done by SANEP Social have the intension to bring undistorted picture of moods, feelings and wishes of our entire society and thanks to the use of latest methods and incomparable internet interviewers environment in which respondets are never in any way influenced. Never the less essencial factor for quality and undistorted obtained statement is also due to a certain respondents anonymity, availability and comfort of the interviewed environment and in most of all the flexibility of the voting system of SANEP. This system also creates largest and most affortable research application within the area of researches of public opinions.

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